Monday, May 6, 2013

Animals in Action

ram toughSynchronized (whale) swimmingClose call for the gopherhee-hee-hee (evil laugh) I knowz how to turn on da gas!!SplonkEastern Screech Owl Yawns
Dancing in the skyBURB!My mittenDSC_5554 {explored}short eared owl

Animals in Action, a gallery by Yahoo! Editorial on Flickr.

So YAHOO has a editorial pick that they choose images from flickr that they feel are noticeable. My (Craig's) deer jumping over the fence image was picked for the Top 12 animals in motion shots. How they found me in a sea od millions of photos, I will never know. How exciting it is. Over 60000 views to that gallery! Amazing stuff to little old me in little old Cadogan coutryside. Great things can happen.