Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mural Mosaic Cochrane Alberta

Click on each tile to get a good view and understanding of the complexity of it.

Have a look at this phenomenal work done on a mural in Cochrane Alberta.

Cochrane is a nice western style country town about 14 kilometers north west of Calgary. Due to the heavy influx of people moving to Alberta (about 3000 per month) Calgary has become overcrowded and housing is at a premium. As a result more people are finding homes outside the city in nearby towns and communities. Cochrane is one of these communities that has become of late a residential community for many people with working jobs in Calgary. This tile mural is a recent artistic project completed in their town. It is an amazing piece of work.....if you look at each tile can see how extremely different they all are.....yet someone was able to assemble all the tiles together to form one large mural
This mural was unveiled in the late summer of 2007 at the Cochrane Ranche House. Each tile is 1 foot square, is it's own individual picture and each is by a different artist. All of them together form this huge mural.
You can click on each of the tiles to see them in detail. Check out the horse's eye.

I would definetely bookmark this site because it is time consuming to see each tile individually.

And definitely worth the time.